Hello, I am TANUJ from Web Crafter

I help organizations to show their value online through web design

I love to visualise ideas and make them come alive in a website.

Finding online clients doesn’t have to be so hard

The world is slowly moving towards being more online than ever before. Make sure your business doesn’t fall behind. People love working with you, so the fact that they’re not booking you online has left you thinking why.

  • Nobody’s booking a sales call
  • Your website doesn’t feel like you and you kind of hope no one sees it
  • You’re worried the flexibility of having an online business will never be a reality for you

Let’s fix it

My websites help entrepreneurs get RESULTS.

I’m here to help you get more clients so you can focus on the reason you started your business in the first place: to help people from all over the world live better and happier lives.

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I help talented people grow their online businesses

Delivering products that they have never imagined for is a special art that you own.

You’re a damn great entrepreneur who gets your clients results and now you’re ready to make a bigger impact.

I create websites that help you get more clients so you can change lives around the world and grow your email list alongside it.

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Yes you read it correctly

To make internet clean and pleasure to eyes I am committed to design one free website on WordPress a month.

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